Gas Prices have gone crazy

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Here’s a news flash. Gas prices are over $3.00 per gallon. I filled my tank Monday Morning for $2.77 per gallon. I drove by this station this morning and it was at 2.88. An increase of 20 cents per gallon in 10 hours. Wow.


The First Broken Bone

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This is my daughter Stephanie just outside the hospital after getting a cast on her broken arm. She actually broke both bones in her left arm an inch or two above her wrist. The story on how she did it is somewhat sketchy but we believe that it involves 2 not so small children hanging from a closet clothes rod not designed to hold 100 pounds of small children. The good news is that the type of break that she had did not require anything more than putting a cast on it. The most painful part of that process was the 15 minutes it took Stephanie to decide on Hot Pink for a cast color. The cast is water proof so Stephanie can even go swimming with the cast on.

I am very proud of the way my little girl has handled herself through this. Once she got through the initial pain of the break, she was a real trooper. The process of going through urgent care and x-rays and a splint and finally a cast all went very smoothly in large part because of how well she handled everything. The only thing she was really upset about was the 2 weeks she won’t be able to play soccer. Fortunately she will probably only miss one game and maybe not even that.

What Going Fast On A Moutain Bike Requires

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After the race, you can see that I did a little damage. Somehow, I managed to bury my front wheel in one of the turns and ended up going over the bars. Lucky for me it was a relatively slow speed crash and after cleaning, the wound is a really minor scrape.

I was very satisfied with my result. I was about 8 minutes faster than last year at 1:23:00 for 14.8 miles. I finshed 2nd in my class (Beginner Clydesdale). Before you get the mistaken impression that I am fast, I should let you know that other beginner classes were under 1:10:00 for winning times, including what would be my age group class (35-39). I was even slower than the winning tandem on a course that I would think would be very difficult for a tandem. I am not racing to win. I simply enjoy the test of myself.

Fort Custer Recreation Area

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Fort Custer State Recreation Area, Augusta, MI.

Site of the Duane Chambers Memorial Mt. Bike Time Trial:

August 28, 2005.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day to race moutain bikes through the trails surrounding the lake in the picture. It was also a great lake for a post ride cool down.

The Simple Things

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It is sometimes amazing how we overlook the simple things. In my last few mountain bike rides, my bike was making creaking sounds like crazy. I had already replaced my cranks and I assumed that I needed to replace the bottom bracket. Well I thought before I replaced the bottom bracket, I would try cleaning the seat post and seat tube. Once I did that, amazingly enough the creaking stopped.

It makes me wonder how many times I overlook the simple things for a more complex solution and not just on my bicycle.

Not About Politics

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I don’t want to write about politics. I don’t want to write about my Job. I want to write about one of my passions, mountain bike riding. I restarted mountain bike riding last year after a 14 year break. My wife and I purchased new bikes for a vacation in 2004. I ended up remembering how much I loved riding and actually how badly I wanted to race 14 years ago. I discovered the Michigan Mountain Biking Association web site which led me to trails I had never ridden or even knew existed. Of couse I was also drawn to the racing section. I found a local race that was billed as an excellent first time race. I finshed that race on July 18, 2004 exhausted, muddy and totally hooked. The next race I competed in was on August 22, 2004 and was called the Fort Custer Time Trail. In this race, I learned what exhausted really means. I am preparing to compete Fort Custer Time Trial for the second time on August 28, 2005. This year I actually have rides longer than the race under my belt. I have competed in a 40 mile mountain bike race as well as 3 other races. I have done long road rides on my own and have done many trail rides. I also work out nearly daily at Lifetime Fitness in Canton, MI. I am quite excited about this years Fort Custer Race. My preparation has gone well and I am feeling really strong. We will see how well this serves me on what was a very challenging course for me last year. Hopefully I will have good results to report Sunday evening.

Blind Rage Gets In The Way Of Clear Thinking

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I find it simply amazing that people are so bitter and hate President Bush so much that they blindly oppose anything he stands for. As a human being, it is impossible for President Bush to be 100% right and on the same standard it is impossible for him to be 100% wrong. It saddens me to see people who should stand up for our country choose not to, simply because they hate President Bush and think it is more important for President Bush be defeated at every turn than for our young men and women engaged in battle for our freedom to be victorious.

Unlike many, I do question the patriotism of people who are opposed to the war on terror. As long as the men and women of are armed forces are in harms way, it is absolutly unamerican to oppose the mission. As much as it may give comfort to people to say “I support the troops, not the war.” it is nothing but an empty saying. You simply cannot support the troups and not the war because the troops are the war. We have an all volunteer military who has made a choice to defend our liberties.

Please don’t get me wrong. I do believe that people have a right to protest. I just belive that they are 100% wrong which is my right as well.

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