Being Human Gets In The Way Of Being Christian

December 3, 2005 at 8:44 am | Posted in Religion | 1 Comment

While the human part of me thinks this is a great idea – THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: MUSCLEHEADS FIGHT BACK! – my heart is telling me that there is something wrong with this. Flooding someones mailbox does not seem like a good christian witness to me. Think about how you would feel if they flooded your mailbox with Planned Parenthood brochures. Would that draw you closer to the Pro-Choice position? Our job as Christians is to bring people closer to Christ and I just don’t see how a campaign like this will do that. I urge anyone considering sending the card to examine your motivations for sending the card. Is is really from your Christ-like love of the people at the ACLU or is it from a more human motive?

I think this is a great inside the family joke that really should not go outside the family. Let’s not get dragged into being “Stuck on Stupid” because that is certainly not what loving Christ is about.


1 Comment

  1. […] This isn’t a battle to preserve our rights to worship. It’s simply a few companies and cities opting to drop ‘Merry Christmas’ for ‘Happy Holidays’ in the name of political correctness. It isn’t, I believe, something we as Christians should worry ourselves over. Fighting propaganda battles, filling people’s mailboxes with spam, and kicking their butts isn’t the way to win a lost world to Christ. We can’t bring transformation to people by force—it must be presented and accepted by those who would receive it. True change, true transformation can only start on the inside, with the acceptance of Christ, and not by forcing an unwilling nation to accept ‘Christ’ in everything that we as Christians hold dear as symbols of our faith. So, Mr. Falwell, Mr. Robertson, and those who speak with a similar voice, know that I respect your intent but I think your methods are wrong, too brash, too confrontational, too unChrist-like, and know that you do not speak for me nor for many others who call themselves Christian. […]

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