Who Am I?

December 11, 2005 at 8:14 am | Posted in General | Comments Off on Who Am I?

I thought I would write this just to give a little more background about who I am.

  • I belive that Jesus Christ was cruicified in payment of the debt of my sins.
  • I am male.
  • I am married.
  • I have one child.
  • I attend church.
  • I attend Bible Study Fellowship every Monday evening
  • I work in the Information Technology Industry.
  • My customer is in the Automotive Industry.
  • I enjoy sports of all kinds.
  • I started Mountain Bike Racing at age 38.
  • I am a Conservative because everthing I understand makes sense when I run it through the conservative filter.
  • I am a Rush Limbaugh fan
  • I listen to Contemporary Christian and Country Music.
  • I own a Minivan and an SUV.
  • I enjoy searching through the woods for white balls, I mean playing golf.
  • I am a sinner.
  • I think people should earn respect by giving respect to others, not by expecting it from them first.
  • I like talk radio.
  • I think the War on Terror including Afganistan and Iraq are both necessary.
  • I do my Christmas shopping after December 20th.
  • I could not function without my wife.
  • I would die for my wife and my daughter.
  • I think it is more important to be nice than to be right.
  • I support capitol punishment.
  • I am pro-life.
  • I believe that pro-life and supporting capitol punishment are not contratictory.
  • I drink insane amounts of regular coffee (black).
  • I am a morning person.
  • I have a goal of working out in some way 6 days a week.
  • I am not easily offended.
  • I think the most important thing a child needs is to be loved by their mother and father.
  • I am addicted to Survivor.
  • I think TiVo is a great invention.
  • I do not believe that anyone but the creator of the earth can destory the earth.
  • I think global warming is a political issue, not scientific fact.
  • I think it is OK for a business to make a profit.
  • I think Walmart is good for America.
  • I love doughnuts.
  • I love pizza.
  • I am a meat and potatoes guy.
  • We put up a real christmans tree every year.
  • I played Division 2 College Football my freshman year of college but was too small to play my position at that level.
  • I have a B.S. Degree with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Physics.

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