Evolution vs. Creation, Global Warming and Other Political Issues

December 13, 2005 at 9:21 pm | Posted in News, Religion | Comments Off on Evolution vs. Creation, Global Warming and Other Political Issues

In a prior post, I discussed my view on Evolution vs. Creation. I have a new take on this in light of the ideas I brought up in my post Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet. In “Don’t Believe”, I talked about how media bias works, and I think that applies to the evolution vs. creation debate. If the debate is about determining the truth, then it seems to me that evolutionists should seek out creationists to check their results. And creationists should seek out evolutionists as well. Not for the purpose of arguing, but for the purpose of having a sceptic review the information. If both people are interested in the debate and the discovery of truth, this system will work well.

However, like many things, this debate is more a political issue than about the truth. And this is why there is such a deep divide between the two sides. Global Warming is another example of a debate that is about politics. This is my flame throwing statement, Global Warming is a anti-capitolist, anti-american movement, not a real problem. Don’t believe me. Think about this. Regardless of whether you believe in evolution or creation, the earth has supported human life for a minimum of 5000 years. How long do you think we have had adequate instrumentation to measure global temperature? Let’s be generous and say that we have had this instrumentation for 100 years. Do you seriously think that you can determine trends over 5000 by the last 100? No, that is not good math. That requires extrapolation on an sample that is not representative. To believe that Global Warming is real requires giant leaps in logic that defy common sense. The arrogance required to think that we can as human beings affect the environment on a global scale is simply stunning. And to blame the USA is even more laughable.

Take the politics out of it and there can be a reasonable debate. As long as politics are in the debate there will never be a reasonable debate.


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