Gina Cobb: Al Zawahiri Calls Bush a “Butcher”

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This is a great post for explaining what side you are on when you oppose the President and our Country. Gina Cobb: Al Zawahiri Calls Bush a “Butcher”: Coming from a Terrorist, It’s Probably a Compliment — But Undeserved

The quote that says it all:

Have you figured out which side you’re on in this worldwide struggle yet? There are no neutral observers in this one. Anyone who aspires to neutrality or, worse yet, sympathizes with terrorists, is just signing up to be the next hostage or victim of a deliberate terrorist attack.


Super Bowl Host Is U.S.’s Poorest Big City

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This story caught my eye today. As someone who started working in downtown Detroit 2 weeks ago, this story caught my interest: Super Bowl Host Is U.S.’s Poorest Big City

This story is the same old “Detroit is a pit” story that has been in the national news forever. It has been 10 years since I last worked in downtown Detroit, and the difference between then and now is remarkable. I am sure that you could go to every major city and find neigborhoods like this:

The scenery along Van Dyke Street near Lauderdale’s home would be familiar to anyone who has seen “8 Mile,” Eminem’s movie about life in Detroit. The street’s once-bustling commercial section is dominated by boarded-up stores, charred buildings and vacant lots. The only signs of activity are at storefront churches and the occasional liquor store and hot-dog joint.

This is the “Stuck on Stupid” story. It is amazing that someone got paid to write it. The news is that Detroit has put itself together enough to host a Superbowl, not that Detroit has it’s rough spots.

The Birthday Cake

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01-29-06_1643.jpg, originally uploaded by bubmiller.

This is the birthday cake for Stephanie’s family birthday party. It is actually an Ice Cream Cake from Carvel It was a layer of chocolate ice cream, a layer of crushed oreos and a layer of vanilla ice cream. Very yummy. Stephanie chose the soccer theme.

I Am Crushed

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start sarcasm
I am so crushed. I just received my first negative comment yesterday. They called me “stupid”. I might as well just quit now. My feelings are so hurt, I don’t know if I can continue.
end sarcasm

I find it funny that someone can stumble across my blog and the only thing they can find to comment on is my tagline. But that is the thing about liberals, oops wait, I have to clarify that when I say liberals I am using a generalization that does not mean it applies to each and every liberal. It is like saying men are stronger than women. It is a generalization that is not true in each and every case, but it is true on average. Ok, now that I have clarified, back to the point. Liberals have no sense of humor. Really, if you challenged a liberals ideas, you had better be ready to take some serious personal insults, because that is the only thing they have to battle conservative ideas.

I suppose the lack of humor is brought about by the broad based rejection of their ideas as witnessed by every election since 1994. Yes, I know Bill Clinton was reelected in 1996, but look at the difference in the percentage of popular vote between Clinton and George W. Bush. I am not saying Clinton would not have won if Perot stayed out of the race, but remember that more people voted for someone other than Clinton than voted for Clinton.

How sad is it that the best comment a liberal can post on a blog that no one reads is a personal insult to the author? I disagree with liberals on every issue (that is not a generalization, that is literally true.) but I don’t run around to their blogs to call them names. If I comment on their blogs, I make sure that I address the issue. If I post an entry on my blog, I make sure that I addressing an issue, not a person. Even the idea of “stuck on stupid” is no about people in the sense that the people are stupid, it is when they get stuck on a stupid idea that gets my attention. For example, trying to claim that President Bush broke the law by spying on telephone calls from suspected terrorist groups to people inside the US, is simply “stuck on stupid.”

Body for Life – Week 4

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Well, it really is hard to call this Body for Life weeks any more. The change in my work is going to make it really hard to get in the appropriate workouts. I will have an assignment that is required to be delivered by 6:30 am every day. My choices are to either do it before I go to bed or do it a 6 am. Any way I choose, my choices are limited. I really have to work out first thing in the morning or I know that I won’t work out at all.

I guess we will see how this works out. The other tough twist is that I have to travel for work again. This time it is leaving Monday morning and returning on Friday evening. I guess I will have to put a lot of effort into working out at the Hotel.

Villainous Company: American Dummitude: The End Of Western Civilization?

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This is a must read: Villainous Company: American Dummitude: The End Of Western Civilization? Hat Tip: Gina Cobb – Singer Harry Belafonte: ‘Gestapo of Homeland Security Lurks Here’

January 22, 2006 at 6:22 am | Posted in Politics | Comments Off on – Singer Harry Belafonte: ‘Gestapo of Homeland Security Lurks Here’

Let’s skip over Mr. Belafonte. We know who he is and he is not ashamed. The real question that is “Stuck on Stupid” is why does the news cover him. I don’t understand why it is news when a lefty like Mr. Belafonte sides with enemies of our country. Other than getting out of his way when he wants to make himself look like an idiot, I see no reason to cover him. – Politics News – Singer Harry Belafonte: ‘Gestapo of Homeland Security Lurks Here’

What would be real news? Something like, “Tom DeLay seeks tax increases to fund a new New Deal.” or “John Kerry demands torture of suspected terrorists.” That would really be news. I’m pretty bored with the “(Insert lefty here) says President Bush is (insert leftist negative rhetoric here)” reporting of today. Fox News uses this technique to point out what Idiot’s the leftist are where the other networks use it to “prove” that President Bush is wrong, but it all ends up being the same thing.

Body for Life – Day 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 or Week 3

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Week three was the week that life got in the way and made it easy for me to decide not to follow the plan. Monday and Tuesday were the first two days on the new job in Detroit’s Renaissance Center. I managed to work out both days but eating right was challenge. I flew down to Raleigh, North Carolina Tuesday night to meet with my manager and a co-worker for some training for the rest of the week. Wednesday, I slept in instead of working out. Then I somehow managed to go all day without eating or drinking anything after breakfast. I ended up leaving work not feeling very well. Thursday morning I woke up not feeling very well so I tried to eat and hydrate better, but it was too late. I had to leave work early on Thursday and go back to the hotel to sleep off the effects of not eating and drinking right the day before. Needless to say, there was no workout on Thursday. Friday I awoke feeling much better, but I had to pack for the flight home late in the afternoon, and I overslept so there was no workout on Friday either. Arrived home late Friday and slept in on Saturday. I ended up missing any sort of workout on Saturday as well. What I found out is that my new job is going to make scheduling workout’s more of a challenge. I have an assignment that will be due by 6:30 am every weekday morning. This means I will either have to get up earlier or workout after work. Either of which is going to be difficult. But what is life if it doesn’t have its difficulties. – Gore: Domestic spying goes beyond Bush’s authority

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File this under humor: – Gore: Domestic spying goes beyond Bush’s authority Just in case you needed a reason to be thankful that Mr. Gore lost the election in 2000. I find it hilarious that the Vice President during an administration that started programs like Eschelon and Carnivore is critical of this President.

The funniest quote, definitely the funniest quote of 2006:

“A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government,” Gore said during a speech here.

What is really “Stuck on Stupid” is that USA Today considers it news that Mr. Gore is critical of President Bush. I’m surprised that they didn’t run an extra edition for this story.

New Work Location

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New Work Location, originally uploaded by bubmiller.

I started my new job today. It was just a transfer from one account to another, but the new Job is in the Ren Cen. I am high enough to see quite a bit of the city. I think it is going to be a cool place to work.

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