GospelDrivenLife: On Pastoral Pet Peeves and Romans 14

January 5, 2006 at 7:58 am | Posted in General | Comments Off on GospelDrivenLife: On Pastoral Pet Peeves and Romans 14

I ran across this today in my blog reading. A very good article from a person who I think has an excellent grasp of the gospel and what it means to us. GospelDrivenLife: On Pastoral Pet Peeves and Romans 14

My favorite paragraph is:

God is also wise in that the lack of detail calls us to maturity — to carefully discern how we apply the Gospel. If God gave every detail, there would be no “work” in living a godly life. Dads — lead your families and develop convictions on all these things. Then walk humbly with God when you meet equally or more godly folks with whom you differ. Stop wanting to prove your position. I know it seems irrefutable. It is not. And the other person’s is just as clear in their own mind. And do not flee to a church where everyone agrees with you — you will miss a huge opportunity to grow in humility and grace.

So I shouldn’t give everyone my opinion whether they ask for it or not? Dang.


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