Segregating Children From Men

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Wow! this story – Segregating Children From Men really hit close to home in a scary way. As much as I dislike this as a man, I have to say as a father, I support the policy. As easy as it is to be outraged by the big business, we have to look at the realities of what our society is today.

The sad truth is that a few creepy perverts have ruined a lot of things for all men. Because a few creepy perverts have done bad things with kids, I have to make sure that I am not alone with children. Not to protect the children, but to protect myself. Because a few creepy perverts have harassed women in the workplace, I have to make sure I am not alone with a woman at work. Not to protect the woman, but to protect myself. Until we can cleanse society of creepy perverts, this is the kind of stuff men will continue to have to put up with.

The easy position is to be insulted by this, but I look at it this way.  I support profiling as an effective law enforcement tool, so it is difficult for me to be insulted when I fit the profile in question.  The fact is creepy perverts are overwhelmingly male.  Granted the percentage of creepy perverts among all men is very low,  however, if you eliminate men from a position of potenially causing harm, you have brought the risk of creepy perverts to practically none.  If everything in the world was all about me, I would be insulted by this.  The bottom line is that this is not about me it is about protecting kids from creepy perverts.

In fairness, the article does point out how poorly the Airlines implemented the policy.  Knowing how broad their profile is the airline should implement the policy discreetly and respectfully.


What did the elections tell us?

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I for one am of the opinion that the most recent national election was a victory of conservative ideas and a demonstration of the lack of conservative leadership in the Republican party. I can look at my home state of Michigan and see evidence of this in a Blue state. There were 2 big ballot proposals that were very clearcut liberal/conservative issues and the conservative side for both won. The ban of affirmative action was really significant because it also had to overcome the natural inclination of voters to vote No on ballot proposals. The other proposal was a “Guaranteed Funding” for schools. Most voters saw this for what it was, a Guaranteed Tax Increase. The only “victory” in the Michigan proposals that Liberals could claim was a proposal that would have allowed Morning Dove hunting, I don’t see that as a significant loss because both sides went pretty extreme with the issue and a no vote kept things the way they are.

The Republicans loss of control of both houses of Congress should primarily be blamed on the lack of conservative leadership. That and conservative voters are stupid are the reason we are looking at two years with Nancy Pelosi two steps from the Presidency. Voters that failed to learn the lesson of the Ross Perot fiasco are to blame when impeachment proceedings begin. Conservative voters are the first to abandon candidates who don’t perfectly match their views. Conservatives think teaching Republicans a lesson is more important than preventing Liberal Democrats taking power in Washington. Since there is no office seeking Republican leading the cause for conservative ideas, there is little reason for the stupid conservative wing of the Republican party to vote. I get why the Liberals have to hide who they really are, but that is a consistent election loser, but I don’t understand why Republicans run away from proven winning election issues.

My First Construction Project

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I don’t do this for a living and if you look close, I am sure you can see all the flaws, but I built this myself for my Mother.


The whole purpose of the deck was to make this wheelchair lift work with this mobile home.


Michelle Malkin: John Kerry: Uniting the armed services

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Here is another example of why there is no reason to take John Kerry seriously.

Michelle Malkin: John Kerry: Uniting the armed services

Uses for Duct Tape.

November 1, 2006 at 2:26 pm | Posted in General | Comments Off on Uses for Duct Tape.

I used to joke about this as a way to babysit, but I was only joking.

Duct tape no substitute for a babysitter, police say –

This speaks for itself

November 1, 2006 at 1:52 pm | Posted in General | Comments Off on This speaks for itself

If you want to see how seriously the Military takes John Kerry, take a look here:  Little Green Footballs: A Message to John Kerry from Iraq

I am proud of our troops and they deserve much better than we give them.

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