2006 Cycling Miles

January 4, 2007 at 1:34 pm | Posted in General | 2 Comments

Here is a summary of the Miles I rode in 2006 as recorded on my Garmin Edge 305.

Road Bike: 174.46 Miles (10 hours 16 minutes)
Mountain Bike: 450.90 Miles (46 hours 54 minutes)
Cyclocross: 5.55 Miles (36 minutes)
Total: 630.91 Miles (57 hours 47 minutes)
Trainer and other workouts: 281.66 (38 hours)
Grand Total: 912.57 Miles (94 hours 46 minutes)

Other interesting numbers:

Maximum Speed:
35.2 mph
Maximum Heart Rate: 190 bpm (not bad for a 40 year old)
Calories Burned: 80,026 (and I gained 20 pounds in 2006 😦 )
Total Ascent: 33,746 feet (6.4 miles)
Total Decent: 33,828 feet

It will be interesting to look back on this next year.

This post was inspired by Matt McCluskey and Robert Herriman



  1. That’s cool Steve. I keep thinking I should have one of those Garmins… It would be interesting to have the elevation data for my log.


  2. The funny thing is that the Garmin records an elevation change for my trainer rides 🙂 I minor flaw that I can live with.

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