Guess Who Owns This House

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Let’s see if you can guess who owns this house.

The 4,000-square-foot house is a model of environmental rectitude.

Geothermal heat pumps located in a central closet circulate water through pipes buried 300 feet deep in the ground where the temperature is a constant 67 degrees; the water heats the house in the winter and cools it in the summer. Systems such as the one in this “eco-friendly” dwelling use about 25% of the electricity that traditional heating and cooling systems utilize.

A 25,000-gallon underground cistern collects rainwater gathered from roof runs; wastewater from sinks, toilets and showers goes into underground purifying tanks and is also funneled into the cistern. The water from the cistern is used to irrigate the landscaping surrounding the four-bedroom home. Plants and flowers native to the high prairie area blend the structure into the surrounding ecosystem.

And guess who owns this house:

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, This house devoured nearly 221,000 kWh—more than 20 times the national average.

Last August alone, this house burned through 22,619 kWh—guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year.

This house’s energy consumption has increased from an average of 16,200 kWh per month in 2005, to 18,400 kWh per month in 2006.

This house’s extravagant energy use does not stop at his electric bill. Natural gas bills for the mansion and guest house averaged $1,080 per month last year.

And based on this, which owner cares more about the environment.

Sources: Sans Auto,, and Tennessee Center for Policy Research


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  1. George W. Bush own house number one…AlGore owns house number two. Gore likes to talk a big game but when it comes to living, he’s obviously a do as I say, not as I do, kind of guy.

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